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Joshua Higginbotham

Azure Query Editor

In preview for awhile now, we have additional capabilities of accessing our data in Azure without having to use SSMS or Azure Data Studio to query the data. This tool is called the Query Editor and allows us to query our Azure SQL Databases from the portal. This additional accessibility […]

SQL Server 2019 Workshop

Last week marked my second trip to Pass Summit. To start my week of training off, I went to the SQL Server 2019 Workshop put on by the Microsoft SQL Server team. This was a Lab filled day, that showed you some of the great new features that the SQL […]

Welcome to my Blog

First off, welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. It’s my hope, that this blog will serve many purposes. Allow me to record my thoughts (Whether anyone wants to hear them or not is to be seen) Document the work that I am doing in […]