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RedGate, More than just a Software Provider!

This year while at Pass Summit, I had the honor of attending the Friend of RedGate party with an amazing group of Data Professionals. The majority of us know RedGate as a Software Solutions provider for the SQL Platform. But, last week I had the privilege of seeing another side of their organization. Their compassion to help others within the community.

FareStart Great Food, Better Lives

While after-parties are a bit of the norm for events like Pass Summit, RedGate chose one location to host their event that in hearing their story, deserves to be celebrated. FareStart, as their website shows, is more than just a restaurant. Through donations and the revenue from their restaurants, FareStart provides the training and resources to the people of the community that needs it the most. The skills gained, as well as the income earned while in FareStarts program can lead to a brighter future.

Thank you to the employees of RedGate for introducing us to this great organization and to the volunteers at FareStart for telling us your story.

If you’d like to know more about FareStart or would like to help in their cause, please visit their website at

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